Halloween Resurrection Review: Part Two

In part one of our Halloween: Resurrection review, we talked about the opening scene and the conclusion of Laurie Strode’s story. Now we delve into the film’s main storyline. Ramonesome: A year after Laurie’s murder a reality television show wants to film people as they spend a night in Myers house. Honestly it’s not the worst idea for a story. … Continue reading

Halloween Resurrection Review: Part One

Blog writers Jason and Mike continue their critical look at the Halloween films with Halloween Resurrection. A film so controversial it will have to be discussed in two parts. JASON: Halloween Resurrection is an example of a franchise running on empty. A creatively bankrupt cash grab by a producer who treated the series as his personal ATM. The film’s plot … Continue reading

Dexter 6.12: This Is How The World Ends

Dexter spends the night floating in the Gulf of Mexico clinging to a piece of his destroyed dingy. Miraculously he is picked up by a boatload of Cubans being ferried to Florida. When the ships captain robs his passengers and threatens to rape a refugee Dexter delivers a harpoon through his chest. Driving them to the coastline Dexter gets the … Continue reading

Dexter 6.11 “Talk to the Hand” recap review

Dexter 6.11 “Talk to the Hand.” There are two severed hands at play in this season’s penultimate chapter, which would be enough to give it two thumbs up if I weren’t afraid to be sued. Dexter’s anonymous 911 call from last week brings the Miami Metro fun times gang to the Ricochet Rabbit, equal parts pleasure boat and crime scene … Continue reading

Dexter 6.10 Ricochet Rabbit Recap and Review

Locked in the subterranean chamber beneath the church, Dexter, and his imaginary father Harry, watch as Travis confronts his imaginary mentor Professor Gellar. From the cellar window Dexter learns Travis stole the sword of Damascus from the university and to prove Gellar’s immortality, proceeded to stab him with it. Wanting to believe Gellar survived Travis insured his fantasy by stashing … Continue reading

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