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Early Sept. 2013 Michael Myers Masks

Since the popular rapper Jay Z has claimed the name Holy Grail for his latest record, what creative name will we use to call our most prized Halloween possessions now? His CD has more right to be called the Holy Grail because it says “Holy Grail” right on the CD. If you don’t have a holy grail yet and you really … Continue reading

Halloween 3 talk and Michael Myers Succumbs at Monster-Mania 25

Don’t get too excited about this little bit of Halloween 3 news. Malcolm MacDowell, who played Dr. Loomis in the recent HalloweeN films, held a Q&A at Monster-Mania 25 on August 17, 2013. He was asked about the likelihood of a new Halloween movie. McDowell said the following: “Who knows? [Halloween 3] is in the Weinstein-hell, so who knows what’s going … Continue reading

Michael Myers Masks in the Classifieds

Here’s a look at some of what’s going on in the popular Classifieds forum. The Classifieds are not exclusive to Halloween stuff, but this edition of Michael Myers masks will focus on Halloween related items that our members have posted in there. The Classifieds forum is ground zero for finding great masks and other Michael Myers / Halloween collectibles. For … Continue reading

Michael Myers Masks, July 2013

Enjoy these selected Michael Myers masks from our site members in the month of July. You know, there’s a sort of Halloween feel to these summer months because the last 4 Halloween films were released during the summer: Halloween H20, Halloween: Resurrection, and both of Rob Zombie’s Halloween movies. JC_70 Halloween II: neonfire92’s pal as Rob Zombie’s Michael Myers: MusicCityTN … Continue reading

Michael Myers and Sheriff Brackett Odd Reactions

In this edition of Odd Reactions by Michael Myers and other HalloweeN characters, we examine two different scenes in the HalloweeN franchise. The scenes presented here come to us from the films HalloweeN II (1981) and Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers (1989). Let’s see what we’ve got. Sheriff Brackett in HalloweeN II (1981) Various readers of the Michael Myers blog … Continue reading

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