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Rabbit in Red Radio – Episode #53


– Jason and Deven from the new horror film “Down the Road” stop by again and tell us all the great news from the film and where it will be showing. These guys are great and when they come on it’s not a sit down interview. It just turns into friends talking. A lot of hype for this film that is more than justified for it.

– Our very first number one fan and now good friend Dan Chase came on for the second part of the show to help us with “Halloween’s most defying and defining moments.” This is just the first of three parts of this series. We go through what really helped the franchise and what had us all saying, “Did that need to happen?”

– What’s the best way to end the show? When I get to talk to my favorite man to ever play Michael Myers! Dick Warlock calls in and tells us what many of you wanted to hear. All about the new mask that is coming out and this one is beyond limited edition. This really is an interview all HORROR fans and fans of film needs to hear.


Here are the plugs:

– Our facebook fan page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Rabbit-In-Red-Radio/145759905460072
– Dick Warlock’s website: http://www.dickwarlock.com
– Check out Down the Road!


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  1. ryn says:

    Great show guys! Amazing interview.

  2. thedesertsandman says:

    Oof… Chilling to know THE mask is still out there.

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