Ed Gein mask resembles Michael Myers

While watching a documentary on real-life killer Ed Gein, I came upon a picture that reminded me of a Michael Myers mask. Ed Gein had made this mask using an actual human face and skin. Gein was a killer that was active in the 1950s. He had a penchant for decapitating his victims, collecting human skulls and fabricating items out of human flesh.

Here is the photo of one the masks that Ed Gein made. To me, it resembles the Michael Myers mask as worn by Dick Warlock in Halloween II (1981). One thing is for sure, it’s a creepy and disturbing sight:

This photo of Ed Gein’s mask was taken from a TV program called Millennium: Fact or Fiction, which first aired in the U.S. in late 1996. It was rebroadcast several years later on the British channel ITV3 as part of their Into The Unknown series. The photo of Ed Gein’s mask is shown 1 minute and 50 seconds into the clip found here:

  • betelgeuse4721

    good lord that is gnarly

  • Crazy stuff! I do see the H2 resemblance in there – wow.

  • That is pretty freaky… cut the eyeholes a bit and it’s damn near spot on. That’s creepy.

  • zsasz

    Unfortunatly there is no way that is a crime photo of Geins mask. Every crime photo taken was in black and white, so it is very doubtful that this 1 picture would be taken in color.

  • The photo was shown in a documentary on Ed Gein. I found a youtube video of another show, Into The Unknown, that aired on Britain’s ITV3 in late 1996. The reason i’m mentioning this television program is because they also showed this photo and it’s available on youtube.
    The link is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IXB3rEPia_Q
    The photo is shown 1 minute 50 seconds into it. It is said to be a mask made by Ed Gein.

  • The tv show found in the link was produced in late 1996. It was re-broadcast on ITV3 several years later.

  • mmnumber9

    Now thats disturbing

  • slasher75

    That mask looks like its stuffed. Is that really the actual mask that Gein made or a recreation that someone else made. It just looks in too good of condition to be a mask made with real human skin. I’m not sold on this yet.

  • ryn

    Wow that’s nasty. Real or fan made?

  • evildeadcreations

    this is the real deal,ive done lots of research and its real,the reason it stayed together and dint fall apart is because when ed would make his masks he made them from people who were buried for a good amont of time and the skin got hard,ive also heard that he preserves them and thats why there kindove shiney like they are

  • xxragmanxx

    “Graze the skin with my finger tips
    The brush of dead cold flesh pacifies the means
    Provocative images delicate features so smooth
    A pleasant fragrance in the light of the moon”


  • bogey

    Quote “Unfortunatly there is no way that is a crime photo of Geins mask. Every crime photo taken was in black and white, so it is very doubtful that this 1 picture would be taken in color.”

    This is a fact – I am a hard core Gein affecendio (if that’s a word) and all of his crime scene pics etc. were in B/W. They may have colored it for the show. It is either Mary Hogan (tavern keeper) or Bernice Wardon hardware store keeper. But I believe that Bernice’s head had large nails pounded into the ears and were bent upwards, and a twine was attached to them so he could carry it around like a lantern. You can’t believe anything you see on TV.

  • killerd0ll


  • seaweedcreature

    I would not call this a crime scene photo since it was not taken at the crime scene (the Gein farm). I would call this an evidence photo and very well could be color. Very disturbing, by the way.

  • wonderer

    why would anyone be a fan

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