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HalloweeN II Michael Myers Masks Arrive

Several Michael-Myers.net forum members have already received their copies of the Official HalloweeN II Mask by Trick or Treat Studios. Are you all sure this is a mass-produced mask? The character of Michael Myers will be well represented in stores across the nation. The passion, love and dedication that Trick or Treat Studios put into the making of these masks is evident in the following pictures. What a way to begin the countdown to our favorite day of the year, October 31. Big thanks to the slasherhouse, Ryn, Evilsmellyclown and Zephro for the photos.

A pair of TOTS Michael Myers masks was received by Theslasherhouse

TOTS Halloween II masks

Ryn also obtained the TOTS set comprising the Standard Mask and the Blood Tears variant

TOTS Halloween II Mask

 TOTS Halloween II Mask

TOTS Halloween II Mask

Evilsmellyclown has added the TOTS H2 to his enviable collection

TOTS Halloween II Mask

 TOTS Halloween II Mask

Zephro holds a Blood Tears H2 at the Trick or Treat Studios warehouse

TOTS Halloween II Mask

  • ryn

    Right on!

  • Michaelantern

    These are great, you did it Chris and Justin!

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