HalloweeN III Masks on Pre-order

HalloweeN III Masks on Pre-order

HalloweeN fans and collectors are in for a great summer. Of course, there is the awesome Trick or Treat Studios Halloween II Michael Myers mask to look forward to, but also replicas of the Halloween III: Season of the Witch masks. Halloween Asylum has the trio up for pre-order. The Witch, Skull and Pumpkin masks are made by Don Post Studios and the release date is August of 2012.

Each mask is individually priced at $57.99. However, you can pre-order the 3 masks as a set for $158.97. The ToTS Official Halloween II mask is definitely on my list. Now there’s the tempting H3 masks. Anyone want to buy some used calculus textbooks? Here are the stock photos for the H3 masks:

h3dp01 HalloweeN III Masks on Pre order

h3dp02 HalloweeN III Masks on Pre order

h3dp03 HalloweeN III Masks on Pre order

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  1. Josh Reid says:

    The witch mask is a little lacking, but the other two look pretty good!

  2. Zavulon Dark says:



  3. I can't wait to get them!

  4. Chris Zephro says:

    Order with confidence, Halloween Asylum is an great site, run by two really good friends of mine, Nancy and Brandy. You're in good hands.

  5. Xander Wallace Voorhees says:

    Gotta love Halloween Asylum. Really great company.

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