The New Michael-Myers.net Halloween Mask Store!

We have been spending the last few weeks rehauling our store, to offer our members high quality halloween masks at affordable prices. We teamed up with our friends at Trick or Treat Studios and we now offer their entire line!

Trick or Treat Studios made a lot of noise this year, as they landed the license to produce the Official HalloweeN II Michael Myers mask. This mask is now available to pre-order right here on Michael-Myers.net! A Michael Myers HalloweeN II Blood Tears version is also available.

Head on over to our store to check out the masks that we offer – the quality of these Halloween masks cannot be matched at this price point. We are very excited to offer Michael-Myers.net visitors discounted prices on all of these masks.


  1. Michaelantern says:

    I never thought I’d see the day that a REAL Myers mask (actually worth owning) would be available at this kind of price! Bravo!

  2. adammaneer says:

    i ordered both michael myers masks !!! u’ll not get better than the real thing ” if u can find real deal ” & price xxxx cant beat it !!!! better get one if u dont SORRY 4 UR LUCK !!! myers fans u’ll love this & looks better in real life !!!!! & cemetarygatesproduction remake is close “not as good lookin” close & over priced & not so good lookin !!!!! check it out people !!! U WANT A GREAT MASK BUY THIS 1 & U’LL B MORE THAN HAPPY !!!!

  3. ryn says:

    You’d be crazy not to jump on this.

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