Michael Myers Spotted at Horror Conventions

Our favorite masked villain has recently made some public appearances at various horror conventions. Michael Myers was spotted at Monsterpalooza 2012 and at Texas Frightmare Weekend earlier this month. These Michael Myers look-alikes are most likely members of our forums. Our community has the most dedicated HalloweeN fans and collectors. These are some great costumes. Check out these fantastic Michael Myers masks and coveralls, and the young Mikey,





  • blackesteyes8696

    Sweet!! im at the bottom

  • knowbody

    blackesteyes, that’s you? Excellent costume man. Very creepy and menacing.

  • blackesteyes8696


  • hacknslash21

    thanks for including me in this, im rz myers… there has to be more myers at convention photos… post em’

  • maverick96

    I have one from Spooky Empire Mayhem in Orlando this past weekend. I posted it in the Off Topic forum.

  • knowbody

    awesome coveralls and mask hacknslash!
    maverick, i’ll be sure to include your Myers encounter in the next article.

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