NEW RZ Mask to be released on Michael-Myers.net


EDIT: This mask is now for sale, CLICK HERE for more information

Quiet on the Set Studios will be releasing a new mask shortly, here on Michael-Myers.net! Until then, here is an exclusive TEASER photo:


  1. knightnite05 says:


  2. theshapeoffear says:


  3. evilsmellyclown says:

    Edge of my freekin seat……

  4. Can’t wait Scott. Gonna be a milestone in the RZ communtiy

  5. ryn says:

    I dig what I see.

  6. Michaelantern says:

    This one is going to be sick I do believe.

  7. happyjackolantern says:

    I hope its going to be good. I’d love a nice RZ mask.

  8. mrsomething says:

    what happend to the release thread? It was there now I’m locked out and can’t seem to find it.

  9. undeadmyers22 says:

    Got one 2 hours ago can’t wait to get it!!!

  10. adammaneer says:

    can’t u make it alittle cheaper !!! it’s not all that & bag of chips !!!!! its nice but how ever O.G. ” MYERS ” THE MAN

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