Paranormal Activity 3 New Trailer

Paranormal Activity 3 will be coming to theaters October 21st and a new trailer has just been released. The new film is a prequel and is supposed to be 18 years prior to the first two films.


  1. michaelwalks91 says:

    hell yea cant wait, looks freaky!! The first two were epic!!

  2. swatmaster68 says:

    I enjoyed the first one especially, because the horror was subtle. This seems like it is a bit “in your face” with the haunting. I’m sure it will be decent, I just don’t like the way that the series is progressing. It’s going from a more psychological horror to standard mainstream horror.

  3. knowbody says:

    i’ll definitely check this out in theaters. The first PA was truly frightening. However PA2 was a huge disappointment. What i fear with PA3 is that the 2 trailers may have given too much away. They both reveal the story and a bunch of scary scenes (much like the trailers for the awful Apollo 18 did). Hopefully, PA3 redeems the franchise.

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