HSS T-2 T-1000 frozen cop project info.

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HSS T-2 T-1000 frozen cop project info.

Postby Horror Sanctum » Wed Apr 25, 2012 2:27 pm

I've started on the T-1000 project and here's the details.

The following pieces will be included in all versions of the T-1000 unless otherwise specified. All versions are expertly painted and the freeze effect will be applied. All pieces of uniform will be stiffened in place and the freeze effect will be applied. The clothing will not be removable.
The main part of the bust, head and hand will be Smooth-cast resin

The LAPD Police badge and helmet badge, which are copies of the screen used LAPD badges.
Helmet visor.
Helmet strap.
Police shirt and Jacket.
Correct LAPD shoulder patches.
Aviator mirrored glasses.
All broken off pieces will be Alclad chromed to perfection.

Version 1 which is the bust will be made out of rigid foam filled Smooth-cast resin and will be from the chest up.

Version 2 will be from the waist up, will include all items above and the broken off arm. Half a mannequin is included.

Version 3 will be the full body T-1000, kneeling with broken off feet and broken arm.
Includes police belt.
Complete with mannequin posed in the exact T-2 pose. Mannequin will come apart at the waist, arms and leg so shipping won't be a problem.
I may also include the broken off hand posed in front of the figure to complete the effect.
Originally this entire project was for my own personal collection. There was so many requests for info on it that I decided to offer a limited amount of each version.

Version 1 will be 12 copies.
Version 2 will be 12 copies.
Version 3 will be 5 copies.

I want to give the rock bottom price put together for all of these, but I also have to make it worth my time. These are huge pieces and a lot of work will be involved in making each and every one. Buying these screen accurate uniform pieces is also not cheap. I had to pay dearly for the badge. It appears LAPD frowns on selling badges from their department.

You all have my personal guarantee that you will be blown away with these pieces in person. If anyone is interested please feel free to email me or PM and I'll give you the pricing on each piece.
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Horror Sanctum
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Re: HSS T-2 T-1000 frozen cop project info.

Postby Evildsm » Wed Apr 25, 2012 5:21 pm

Hell yeah
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