Rabbit in Red: Pinhead calls in & Top 5 HalloweeN moments!

Rabbit in Red Radio, Episode #54


* Doug Bradley (Hellraiser/Pinhead) calls in and we ask him your questions!

* I gave my last TOP 5 Defining moments of the HalloweeN franchise.

* Mike and I talk about our experience watching the sneak preview of “Down the Road.”

And so much more here on the show!

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  1. knowbody says:

    Alone In The Dark and Peeping Tom are overlooked gems. Cool that you guys discussed those titles. Also, check out The Ninth Configuration, which is like a loose counter part to Alone In The Dark (in my opinion).

  2. DonaldPleasenceFan says:

    Thanks! I’ll definitely check it out!-Mike (RIR)

  3. warlock64 says:

    I got to take an acting class with Paul Bradley … a super NICE, gracious man! WAS especially wonderful and giving with my fellow-horror-nerd student fans!

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