Rabbit in Red Radio Episode 55

Rabbit in Red Radio Episode 55

* We are back after a week off and Mike fills me in why he couldn’t stand Paranormal Activity 3. I try to understand why some people love this series.

* I give my thoughts on what the best “Found Footage” films are and which ones really gave that genre the better boost.

* I give my thoughts on what films people should try and check out.

* After the first break, good friend of the show Rob G (Psycho Legacy) comes back on to tell us all the projects he is working on and what has just wrapped up. Rob is a true Horror expert and a smart fan of the horror world. We dive into some really bad sequels through the years and attempt to re-cast if Psycho ever does get another re-make. Even telling our fan made stories to famous franchises.

* To wrap up the show Mike and I have to hit the court room and I shed light into the past week. I tell Mike why I have always loved doing this show and how I never made it second. I prosecute Michael J lawyer style!

* We go over the news of the horror world and I attempt to trip the gimp. All of that and much more!


Thank You everyone!


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  1. knowbody says:

    Paranormal Activity 3 was awful! I got suckered in by the deceptive trailer, which was better than the movie itself. I still think the first PA is a classic, though. PA2 was insanely disappointing, now this… I don’t consider myself a fan of the PA Franchise anymore.

    BTW, the earliest fake documentary Horror movie that i can think of is The Legend of Boggy Creek from 1972. It’s definitely the precursor to found-footage.

  2. vaderreborn76 says:

    I can say now right, TBWP was a heck of alot better then TLB.

  3. Vincent Paul says:

    Thank you guys for taking time to listen to the show. Great horror knowledge right there that I blanked on! I’ve only heard about Legend of Boggy Creek but never had the chance to lay eyes on it. I will search for it or see if Mike has it in his huge movie collection.

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