Rabbit in Red Xmas! Dee Wallace Interview, H6 Ultimate Cut

Rabbit in Red Radio: Episode 60


* It’s all about having fun this week! We had to take last week off but we do have the Dee Wallace interview we did last week on this show for you.

* Rich (from the devilseyes.com) and Dan (Rabbit in Red’s first fan) joined us for the show.

* We cover everything from Stephen King’s new book to Mike’s review of the ultimate Halloween 6 DVD: http://www.ioffer.com/i/halloween-6-5-disc-producer-s-cut-ultimate-set-666-137471331

* I personally wanted to thank everyone who has liked our Rabbit in Red Facebook fan page.

* Worst Christmas gift ever given?

* Could you tell the difference between Kane or CJ when they played Jason?

* That and so much more Over a two hour show for you all who have supported us. Enjoy and we will see you back here in January!


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  1. vaderreborn76 says:

    Great show again, fellas. I still think DC might like BALLS!!! LOL.

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