Rob Zombie Michael Myers Masks and Costumes

Rob Zombie’s re-imagining of the HalloweeN saga and the Michael Myers mask has avid and spirited fans. This is very evident in the costume and mask photos posted in our forums.

The members here are concerned with the best detail and quality. More importantly, though, these photos illustrate love and passion for the hobby and for the character of Michael Myers. Featured here are masks and costumes by thedarkone, hacknslash21, The Curse, MichaelMyersProdigy, New York Ripper, and the anonymous collector.

hacknslash21: great costume that looks like what was on the screen in Halloween II (2009)

MichaelMyersProdigy: a menacing rendition of the Michael Myers hobo

 The Curse: A well equipped Michael Myers makes his way to Haddonfield

New York Ripper: From the original line of Buried masks comes the proto copy painted up Buzznet style


thedarkone: Here is the Destroyer promo copy


The_Mr_H6_King (aka anonymous collector): rehaired Nichols Hardware Store Mask


Big thanks to everyone for their masks, costumes and pictures.

  • mitch1010

    Love the Hobo pics my man!!

  • zombiedude

    What mask is in the first image? Love it! Especially the paint work.

  • newyorkripper

    Thanks for the props and glad you guys luv my Buried Buzznet Painted Proto by Dela Torre.

    @zombiedude- it’s mine!

  • zombiedude

    That mask is awesome newyorkripper!

  • knowbody

    Thank you mitch101, zombie dude and New York Ripper.

    BTW, just so people know, the mask worn by member hacknslash is a Buried Revolver (i forgot to add that info in the description).

  • bracar

    can you buy the mask of this web site

  • lilpat420

    I need a rob zombie h1 Michael myers replica mask from the movie can I buy them on this site or am I too late cause all I see for sale are the masks from the older movies

  • kylewilliams

    Sweet masks but are where can you buy them

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