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HAPPY HALLOWEEN and welcome back to part two of our annual countdown where YOU the voters pick the top ten best Michael Myers mask replicas each year.  In part one  the masks that placed from number ten to number six were revealed. In this second and final part of the countdown we’ll find out what the top five masks are for this year.

We have a new mask debuting at the NUMBER FIVE spot, Trick or Treat Studios/Mabry’s HALLOWEEN ’78 Myers mask. Last year TOTS gave us the excellent Halloween 2018 Myers mask replica that was sculpted by Justin Mabry (along with Christopher Nelson and Vince Van Dyke) from the screen used silicon master itself.  This year Mabry/TOTS has given us a new mask that mimics an iconic look from a legendary scene seen in the original Halloween.  From Trick or Treat Studios’ website:

“The Official Halloween Michael Myers mask was sculpted by our very own VP Art Direction Justin Mabry, and is based on numerous screen shots from Halloween, specially the famous image of Michael Myers looking over the bannister ready to attack Laurie Strode.”

Not only did Justin and Chris give us a great new H78 mask, they did it for under sixty bucks.  Trick or Treat Studios definitely gave us a TREAT this Halloween, no trick here! Pictured below is a copy of the TOTS H78 Myers Mask did up nicely by Nick Mulpagano (Handiboy Studios):

The NUMBER FOUR spot (last year’s number three) belongs to Nightowl’s SHAT/CREEP mask. There are two available versions of this mask, the CREEP version comes as an already masterfully converted Michael Myers mask, straight from Justin Mabry himself. With its ghastly white paint up and solid quality, this is the best option for many people who want a very nicely done Michael Myers replica mask ready to wear right out of the box. For those fans who would rather have the mask in a Captain Kirk form (or for those who like to send a Kirk mask to be customized into a Michael Myers by the artist of their choice) the SHAT (short for Shatner) mask is offered. Both of these masks are of excellent quality and have great detail whether you are looking for a Kirk or a Michael Myers replica mask.  A nice example of the SHAT is seen below with the conversion by AHG (All Hallow’s Ghost):

NUMBER THREE this year was number seven in last year’s poll, NAG’s 75K mask. In 1998 Don Post Studios laser scanned a production pull 1975 Kirk mask in order to make a new Kirk offering. The resulting mask was the 98 Shatner. Two versions of this William Shatner mask were released, one a more expensive and detailed mask, and the other a more mass produced mask. There was also a 98 Shatner proto mask that was discovered which was an exceptional copy, retaining all of the details of this sculpt very nicely. It was from this Don Post 98 Shatner proto mask that the N.A.G. 75k was derived.  Below is a NAG 75K converted into THE SHAPE by Martin Pena:

This year’s NUMBER TWO (last year’s poll winner) is N.A.G.’s 75K Castle Shape mask. To make this replica, Nick used two of his previous masks. He placed a pull of his 75k mask inside one of his H78 molds then foamed it (the foam expanded the pull) to create this uniquely shaped offspring. It is called the “Castle Shape” mask because it has a vertical stretch built into the mask to emulate the look of the hero mask when worn by Nick Castle in the original Halloween.  Our member Lawson Graves just recently got in his copy straight from NAG and is pictured below in costume:

With the 75K Castle Shape falling to number two this means we have a new mask at the top position this year!  At NUMBER ONE  for our 7th annual countdown is NAG’s PS78 mask (Phone Scene 78) . This mask was made to replicate one of the original Halloween’s most iconic scenes, the one and only “phone scene”. The PS78 is a composition of NAG’s Shape 78 mask and Nick Castle bust. The final result is another winner for Nik.  Seen below is the first one of these masks that James Carter has finished up.  He did a great job as this is absolutely pure H1 goodness.  Mark Walton is the lucky owner and I’m sure his Halloween is all the better thanks to the sculpt by Nik and great conversion by James!  Seen below are a few pics of this beauty:

This concludes our 7th Annual Top Ten Myers Mask replicas countdown, thanks for dropping in to check it out.  Next year (hard to believe it’s 2020!) should be a good year for the fans. We have Halloween Kills coming out and will likely see a couple of new Myers masks in this film.  In addition to the the new movie we never know what companies like Trick or Treat studios and our great independent artists will have in store for us.  Just like NAG’s PS78 and Justin’s Halloween 78 Michael Myers mask took us by surprise this year, it’s hard to tell what other great pieces could land on our countdown next year!

Hope to see you all for next year’s countdown and from myself and the rest of the team we wish all of you a happy, safe and fun HALLOWEEN!