The Orphan Killer: Is It Worth Your Buck?

I just finished watching The Orphan Killer. Now I had the chance to watch it for some time now, but I kept putting it off. I thought that it would be one of those low budget, horrible Fx, poorly directed films that makes me wish I never bothered in the first place. But in the words of TOK I was … Continue reading

Welcome To Fright Night.. For Real (Review)

This is truly a sign that the new generation of movie goers know nothing about quality horror films. They will go in droves to a film that portrays vampires as tame, but ignore a totally original take of one of the greatest vampire movies ever made. Really? People are that dumbed down that if it isn’t “happy horror” or a … Continue reading

Rabbit in Red EP 46: “Back to Haddonfield”

What a great week it has been for the show. Not only on the great www.thedevilseyes.com but now we also broadcast on www.michael-myers.net! Hard work always pays off. I was taken back when the speculations started about Halloween 3 getting a PG-13 rating then finding out the sad news for the Fright Night re-make bombing over the weekend. Start of … Continue reading

What to understand about Halloween 3D

Ever since this past May, you really had to look out for fake news regarding Halloween 3D. Here at Michael-Myers.net we are not going to follow some sites and just write a story based off of a hunch or what was viewed on www.imdb.com. It’s all about the facts and that is what this article is about, the facts and … Continue reading

Rabbit in Red Radio coming to Michael-Myers.net!

I am pleased to announce that “Rabbit In Red Radio” has moved their weekly horror show to Michael-Myers.net! Watch for the first episode this Thursday. For those of you who are unfamiliar with their horror radio show, here is a description from the Rabbit in Red facebook: “This radio show is all about Horror movies. Rabbit In Red is a … Continue reading

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