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Michael Myers is Coming Home: Halloween The Complete Collection

The rumored box set containing all the films in the HalloweeN series turned out to be true. Anchor Bay teased fans with some possible Michael Myers related news on May 17, 2014, and they have now confirmed that Halloween: The Complete Collection will be released as two Blu-ray Box Sets – one is the Limited Edition 15-Disc Deluxe set and the … Continue reading

Michael Myers Stabs & More at Halloween Expo 2014

The new HalloweeN and Michael Myers Masks previously announced by Trick or Treat Studios were presented at the end of January 2014 during the Halloween & Party Expo in Houston, Texas. We have seen the few photos of the upcoming HalloweeN II Opening Scene Myers Mask, Curse of Michael Myers Mask and H20 Myers Mask – all of which are … Continue reading

HalloweeN 35th Anniversary SteelBook, DigiBook, Standard Blu-rays

It’s been 35 years since Michael Myers and HalloweeN came out and Anchor Bay Entertainment has released John Carpenter’s classic film on Blu-ray once again. And this time they’ve also made available a Limited Edition Steel Book of this 35th anniversary version of HalloweeN. Unfortunately, the HalloweeN Steelbook is available only in the UK and the Blu-ray disc is region B. … Continue reading

Halloween H20 Vanishing Bonus Feature

Michael Myers’ escape by switching his mask and coveralls with someone else at the end of Halloween: H20 wasn’t the only vanishing act related to that film. There was another, more sinister disappearance connected to 1998’s Halloween: H20 and it’s an issue that isn’t spoken about much. It concerns the first DVD release of H20. Halloween: H20 made it to … Continue reading

HalloweeN III: Season of the Witch MediaBook (Blu-ray/DVD/CD)

This is a follow-up to what Knowbody wrote about the Austrian MediaBooks for Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers, Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers and Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers. Here we will look at the MediaBook for 1982’s Halloween III: Season of the Witch, a movie which is notable because it’s the only one … Continue reading

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