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Halloween and Michael Myers masks are reviewed and analyzed (including screen-used masks, replicas and costumes)

Masks of the Month: April 2018

Prepare yourselves, Shapes & Shapettes… For our newest Masks of the Month! I hope the end-o’-Winter weather is treating you all well. If not, these sweet masks are here to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Or all stabby and bleedy inside?  I hope not… NAG/JC 98 Test Mold (H2) Owner: Jon Lawrence “This has to be the closest … Continue reading

Masks of the Month: February 2018

Welcome back, Shapes and Shapettes, to the newest installment of Masks of the Month! NAG/JC 75k Castle Owner: Adam Birli I haven’t seen many H1’s lately that blew me away as much as this one.  Congrats to all involved. Shoot James a message here and get your mask converted. NAG/JC 2k (Retool) Owner: William Crespo The staging in this shot looks awesome with … Continue reading

Masks of the Month: Winter Edition

Whew!  Sorry about the long delay, folks!  There were some technical issues preventing us from cranking out this installment of Masks of the Month.  The ever-wonderful Derek painstakingly assisted me in troubleshooting the issue and we’re back! For many of us, the holiday season brought some wicked scores.  Let’s check out a handful! NAG/Loper Nightmare Owner: Alex Renteria A classic … Continue reading

Interview with Mark Roberts – Owner of THE Hero Michael Myers mask (Part II)

This is part two of my exclusive Michael-Myers.net interview with Mark Roberts who is the owner of the Halloween/Halloween II hero Michael Myers mask since 2003.  Click here for part one. Once again, thanks Mark for taking the time to share pics and answer these questions for the benefit of all we Halloween fans! Mark, one of the biggest controversies … Continue reading

Masks of the Month: November 2017

Welcome to another edition of Michael-Myers.net’s Masks of the Month! If you’re anything like me, you’re suffering from an intense case of what we call the Post-Halloween Blues. For most of us each year, the Fall season is full of crisp weather, horror movie binges, delightfully unhealthy snacks, pumpkin carving, dressing up, and too much fun to list here.  It … Continue reading

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