Childs Play: Chucky coming to the PS3

A Child’s Play game will be coming soon! The announcement came with the Halloween 2 Blu-ray release.

The game will  be playable on the PS3 and was created by Tikigames. You can head over to their Facebook page for more info HERE

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  1. JHorrorProductions says:

    It’s about time there making another horror movie video game. Finally a game I want to play

  2. kiss78 says:

    Seriously? They are making a Childs play game? You have Halloween,(personal choice) Friday the 13th and a Nightmare on Elm street to choose from to make a killer (pun intended)
    and they go with Childs play. Booooooo……

  3. kiss78 says:

    Make a Halloween game that you can play as Michael Myers.

    Make a Mortal Kombat style game where you can choose from the Horror icons to do fight each other!!!

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