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The community was sadly notified today that 29 year old Chris Szmajlo of Black Cat Productions has passed away. Chris was involved in a tragic boating accident.

Chris’s sister was kind enough to provide us the following details:

It’s a question going through all our heads still at this moment & everyday. No one can really tell us what happened cause no one really knew. He was on a boat with 8 other people and upon entering the break wall between Lake Michigan & Navy Pier, the driver was entering the breakwall w/a massive cruise boat and unfortunately had to pay attention to that. Within 3 minutes upon entering the breakwall, someone noticed that he was gone. No one knows what happened, how he slipped, whether or not he lost his balance…This is a horrible tragedy for us & it’s nice to know that he had so many people that cared about him. He was a phenomenal person who had a loving & caring heart.

Chris was a long-standing member of our community and many of us had dealings with him. sends our deepest condolences to Chris’s family.