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We all know that when something becomes popular, everyone tries to capitalize on it. MTV has shown that once by putting out the craptastic Teen Wolf, but now they’re trying again.

I sat down to watch this half hour episode of Death Valley and kept saying “please don’t suck, please don’t suck.” I don’t know if Buddha was listening because it turned out to be watchable and enjoyable. It’s a solid mix of Reno 911 and True Blood. It’s the kind of show you would have thought only Broke Lizards could have come up with (and to say that shows how pleased I am with the show).

The show is exactly like Reno, but they’re a tad smarter than their fellow boys in blue. Add to the mix a hatred for the undead vampire and you got a show. The show follows members of the undead unit around as they go on calls similar to cops – but then comedy, blood and guts insues. It’s nothing to be taken seriously, just a funny take on all the overdone vamp, zombie and wolf movies that have come out. It’s a good B- and worth at least a second watch.