Exclusive: HALLOWEEN 3 Will Not Be Found Footage!

Well it turns out this is our 50th show being broadcasted on the horror web (Not including the awful blog talk radio). Since it is such a big show, Michael J picked a great guest. Malek Akkad himself calls in and gives us the long awaited true news and stopped the rumors that were out there.

In the first half Mike and I talk about his awful Blu-Ray player and why he still hasn’t viewed Halloween 2 on BD. I talk about a way where the studios do not have to remake everything. Mike told me why some people shouldn’t get the Friday the 13th upcoming box set in our new segment “Pick, Skip, or Rip it,” Where we tell you what you should do with up coming DVD’s and Blu Ray.

In the second part of the show Malek Akkad calls in. This is HUGE to say the least. Malek, was great and discussed his reaction to Universal removing the name of his father Moustapha Akkad. Malek was a great guest not only for taking the time out to talk to us but to give us what is TRUE about Halloween 3 and what is NOT. This is a must listen to interview. He even answer’s the great question by you the fans of the Myers Mask’s and the independent makers of them.

Finally, we went over the news of the Robo-Cop remake, Ghostbusters coming back to the theaters and much more!

Note: You may need to wait a few seconds for the show to load, please be patient! Thanks.

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  1. kirkmagnum says:

    Nobody asked Malek a question about the all of the extra footage to the 1978 Halloween?

  2. Vincent Paul says:

    That was covered back in the winter when Don May Jr. came on. Nothing has changed about the footage coming out any time soon. Sorry.

  3. Vincent Paul says:

    Mike (producer) has the “pipe line” to Trancas and can always keep that story up to date with an email.

  4. kirkmagnum says:

    Well, Hi…I’m the guy with the footage so actually I know what exactly is going on, which is sad for the fans who have kept the series alive and money in Malek’s pocket and food on his table in his mansion. However, if you guys would have asked this question, dry off the cuff, Malek would have had to answer the question on the spot. Malek talks about what a couple thousand fans can do…I’d like a couple thousand fans contact him about this footage. (Which I know have.) Personally, I get asked at least 4 times a week about this footage and all I can say is talk to Malek. It’s funny, I’ve talked to John Carpenter, Dean Cundey, Irwin Yablans, Tommy Lee Wallace and some of the stars from the movie and they can’t believe it’s not being released in some sort or fashion.

    Also, Halloween II was on iTunes Store for years now with the Universal Credit instead of Akkads…no one said a word. Weird.

  5. ryn says:

    Great show guys. Great interview!

  6. DonaldPleasenceFan says:

    Thanks man! We appreciate it!

  7. darklord13 says:

    love the interview……will H3 have the story line run in the family…..cant wait for the movie

  8. Barron O'Shields says:

    are you ripping on FT13? it's hard to tell. I've grown up Idolizing Jason, and Michael, to an extent.it was only with seeing the origional and RZ's halloweens that I sat up and took a look at MIchael.

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