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For the best in Michael Myers mask replicas, one doesn’t need to look far. The members here at never fail to impress with the excellent pieces in their respective collections. Here are some recent acquisitions by our fellow members number2, slasher75 and cadburry420.

Taking it back to the future is number2’s JA75. Arguably the most accurate Captain Kirk replica, this particular copy has something else that sets it apart. Owing to its partial conversion into a Michael Myers mask, it is mesmerizing and downright eerie.

Next, slasher75’s NAG Castle was given the unrivaled JC touch. Not only does this mask seem like it came right off the set of 1978’s HalloweeN, it looks as though Nick Castle is still wearing it.

It’s sequel time. In keeping with the high standards set by the previous 2 masks, cadburry420 has hooked us up with an early run Brad Hardin H6. This is, hands down, the apex of Halloween replicas.

Thank you for your time and thanks to number2, slasher75 and cadburry420. I just looked in the mirror and I’m green (green with envy, that is).