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Summer is here and it’s a scorcher. Some of you are using the summer to put together elaborate gif files to use as your avatars. Others are working; furthering their education; socializing; or reading a good book. There are also the kings and queens of the hobby. They’re busy adding to their online reputation and letting the muscles in their bodies atrophy. In essence, everyone is doing their thing.

The great Michael Myers masks and photos keep coming regardless. This time, Myerstat, thechief69, jc_70, Boogeyman, Benny and auzorann deliver the pics and masks. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing this summer. Whether you’re catching sun rays outdoors or absorbing electromagnetic radiation from your computer, you cannot deny that these shots are great.

Benny makes his second appearance on this blog. It’s nice to see that the appreciation for his talent has skyrocketed since last December. Check out what Benny did with this HMK

A Clean Destroyer sits in Boogeyman’s collection. Sweet mask

Jc_70 worked his magic on this Nag H78 Retool. The shots are fantastic, too

The pics from thechief69 are outstanding. These are the best St. Nick photos I’ve seen

Auzorann has received one of the first copies of the Official HalloweeN II Michael Myers mask by TOTS

Here’s a special piece. Myerstat has scored this incredible and unique Nightowl H2 mask. It is dubbed the Reshoots/Stunt Mask. It captures the way Michael Myers looked after being shot in the eyes in HalloweeN II

Thanks for looking! I hope you’re all having a great summer.