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The great Michael Myers masks and photos keep on coming. The year of 1978 is well represented in this entry. However, the Rob Zombie HalloweeN remake and some of the early sequels get most of the shine this time. Check out these wonderful replica masks from members Sandman1336, ShapeInTheVoid, Samhain78, American Psycho, Sirbrad, and TheMadBug. Thank you for looking!

Sandman1336‘s hooked up this NAG Screenused II with some mighty weathering. The photos themselves are incredible in their own right:

Samhain78 took some remarkable pics of his early run Buried:

Sirbrad‘s H4 replica made by Blackjak99:

Here’s a seldom seen H5 mask. American Psycho is one of the few that has shared pics of this particular replica:

It’s 1978 all over again with ShapeInTheVoid‘s 75K Castle Edition:


This is a project by TheMadBug that I’m very excited about. They are 1:6 scale replicas of the masks used in Halloween III: Season of the Witch. The attention to detail is impressive to say the least. Included in this limited edition set are the Witch, Skull and Pumpkin masks, as well as 2 variant masks. Click here to find out more.