Free Silicone Fried Revenge Mask!

Michael-Myers.net and Realflesh Masks (www.realfleshmasks.com) are teaming up to offer a FREE Silicone “Fried Revenge” Mask. If you haven’t seen a silicone mask, you will be very impressed with these, as they move with your face and are super realistic! Realflesh Masks will blow away any silicone mask enthusiast by its quality and craftsmanship. These masks are normally $500 or more, but you can enter to win quickly and FREE!

Click “Like” on the Realflesh Masks Facebook page:

Find the contest thread on the Realflesh Facebook page and post a reply/comment to enter yourself in the drawing:

Share this with your friends on your facebook profile/page!

“Like” Michael-Myers.net Facebook page:

All steps must be completed to win! Once Realflesh Masks reaches 2,000 “Likes” on their facebook page, a winner will be selected.

Check out the photos of the “Fried Revenge” below:

Best of Luck!

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  1. Cj Jones says:

    I love to play games.

  2. Jordan Noton says:

    Is this US only or worldwide?

  3. Derek says:

    US, UK and Canada

  4. Thes masks are awesome!

  5. bmwkid135 says:

    My comment was removed from the page… is this normal?

  6. Derek says:

    No. Please post another comment… that’s odd.

  7. michaelmyers687 says:


  8. Very good and wonderful masks!

  9. Loredana Lory Delfini says:

    Very impressive this beautiful mask of the legendary Freddy Krueger!

  10. besser geht nicht.einfach nur der hammer die mase

  11. Dom Bova says:


  12. Michael Hathaway Jr says:


  13. Michael Hathaway Jr says:


  14. revengefriedmaniac23 says:

    Friedmaniac and revenge masks are the best!!!

  15. Keith Holmes says:

    one two freddys comming for you!, why are you screaming I haven't even cut you yet.

  16. str8klownin1 says:

    one two freddys comming for you!, why are you screaming i havent even cut you yet.

  17. These masks are unreal. I mean if they look as good in person as they do in photos.. Wow watch out.

  18. clarence says:

    That’s a cool mask you are awsome craftman. I will tell al my friends about you guys work

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