Late June 2013 Michael Myers Masks

The season of Michael Myers, masks and Halloween is getting closer and closer but don’t let the summer pass you by as you wait for the autumn; be sure to enjoy the sunshine and the heat.

TheShapeShifter NAG/JC 2K:

michael myers masks bat 10e

michael myers masks bat 09e

Myers1978 Michael Myers mask collection:

michael myers masks bat 01

The Shape of Fear Hardin Halloween: H20 prototype mask:

michael myers masks bat 02

michael myers masks bat 03

HalloweenFan86 H1 by NAG:

michael myers masks bat 04

martinpena94 Halloween II Killing Machine:

michael myers masks bat 05

michael myers masks bat 08

Crofader Damned88, Halloween 4 Return of Michael Myers mask by QOTS:

michael myers masks bat 06

Samhain83 SSN Halloween: H20 v1 and a couple of SSN Halloween The Curse of Michael Myers masks:

michael myers masks bat 07

JanR SSN Halloween H20 V2 mask:

michael myers masks bat 11

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  1. Adam D Dean says:

    Are they releasing another one? I hope so. I want them to release the HALLOWEEN H2O ( scene from the hallway ).

  2. rtaylor1974 says:

    Remake the originals from parts 1 and 2 with original storyline, masks, and the 5-10′- 6ft killer but change things up a bit mainly at the end of 2 and from there with other halloweens 3,4 and so on come up with better ideas. When a movie has all these different versions of it out there the best thig to do is go back to the basics and the original and start over.

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