Masks of the Month: May 2018

Welcome to our sunny, muddy, rainy, then cold, and sunny again Spring edition of Masks of the Month!
With the approach of the new Halloween film (still waiting for that trailer to drop), excitement is mounting and interest in Michael Myers is growing to a pretty staggering high.  Let’s feast our eyes upon some killer pieces from collections among our flock to celebrate:

Ben Fallaize “Father of the Spectre”

Along with Father Phantom’s new “Spectre” mask, comes a Kirk version.  I just love everything about this shot.  The lighting is very moody and really shows off those Kirk details.  The vintage aged look goes a long way on this mask and was executed very well.  Give Ben a shout on his Facebook page for more info on how you can get a sweet mask from him.

NAG/JC “75K”
Owner: Jared Hulse

James really cooked up an incredible H2 here with this monster.  Jared really seals the vibe for us with the blue lighting he’s employed in this shot.  Gotta love that hairline.

NAG/Loper “75K” (Personal Copy)
NEW Owner: Tony Cross

Rumor has it that Tony has been trying to pry this mask from Freddy’s hands for quite some time now.
He finally succeeded and we should all offer him a huge “congrats”.  A lot of time and work was put into this beast and all the beautiful details show it.  Give Freddy a shout on good ol’ Facebook or HERE

Owner: Werner Fielder

All I can say is, “Wow, what a shot!”  Roy Grabowski wows us again with an unbeatable shot of Werner’s incredible mask.  This is probably the best “Phone Scene” recreation we’ve seen.

NAG/JC “Nightmare Unlimited”
Owner: Chris Hutchinson

I know this is weird because the mask has no hair, but this shot stood out to me strongly from the photos James has posted of the mask.  This ranks among the best H1’s I’ve ever seen.  Go see pictures of it haired and ask about getting a conversion on James’ Facebook page or contact him HERE

That’s it for this month!  Make sure you come back for the next installment!  I bet things will really start exploding when that H2018 trailer hits.

-Zac Crook

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