Masks of the Month: April 2018

Prepare yourselves, Shapes & Shapettes…
For our newest Masks of the Month!

I hope the end-o’-Winter weather is treating you all well.
If not, these sweet masks are here to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
Or all stabby and bleedy inside?  I hope not…

NAG/JC 98 Test Mold (H2)
Owner: Jon Lawrence

“This has to be the closest I’ve ever felt to owning the real deal!” Jon says.  I can certainly see why.
This mask, and this shot in particular are astoundingly convincing.  Congratulations to all involved!

NO Psycho
Owner: Matt McKay

The lighting in this shot and just the right amount of “Castle Stretch” really bring this piece to life.
The closeup angle shows us just how nice of a pull that copy is as well.

NAG/JC 2k (Retool)
Owner: William Crespo

Man, that is one smooth paint job.  This shot just works for me on so many levels.
I haven’t seen a whole ton of 2k’s pull off the Hero look like this.

Dela Torre White Satin
Owner: Rob Schoonmaker

Natural lighting makes a wonderful sculpt and paint job pop here.  I’m really digging the matted, bloody hair.
Displaying the mask on a pedestal is a nice touch as well.  Michael Caesar Myers.

Dela Torre/1971/QOTS Buried
Owner: Sean Stanaback

I love all the textures on this copy.  The paint job gives off a very convincing rotted appearance.

ToTS/Heath Johnson H2 (Rehaul)
Owner: Brandy Dixon

This photo is too cool.  It really reminds me of the chase leading to the elevator in H2.

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