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Welcome, once again, to Masks of the Month!
We’ve got some nice stuff for you below, so get down there!

KH “Ultimate”!!!
Owner: Michael Sharrow

This shot was among the first that we saw when these bad boys started rolling out.  Congrats to everyone who got one!

JC/DB2 H1 & H2
Owner: William Crespo

These are two outstanding copies of the DB2.  The lighting and angle here are perfect and the grainy film filter doesn’t hurt either.

JD Morgan Studios “Halloween 1963”
Owner: Manoah Crane

I love the staging of this shot, and that mask is a stellar copy.  “Michael?”  You bet, dad.

NO/AHG “Shat”
Owner: Michael Jobe

The frizzy hair and finishing on this copy give me goosebumps.  Bravo.

NO/JC “Shat”
Owner: Timothy Parham

Man, this is one ghostly copy.  The nice, subtle weathering gives it just enough dimension, while still pulling off the “clean Heor” look.

NO/AHG “Shat”
Owner: Mikey Davidson

Three Shat’s?  Yep, sorry.  Everything is working in this shot for me – the mask, the coveralls, the knife, the pose, the lighting.  Yes.

ToTS “H3 Trio”
Owner: Pat Scarangella

I bet you thought this was going to be another “Shat”.
These are three stand-out copies from Trick or Treat Studios’ first run of the series.  I’m envious.

That’s it for this month, Shapes & Shapettes!
Take care and stay off of Mr. Riddle’s lawn!