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It returns…
Masks of the Month!

Thanks for investing some time from your day to geek out with us.  There were some great masks and shots recently, so let’s check ’em out:

NAG/JC “75K”
Owner – Congroy Padilla

This is parenting done right.  Daughter Sofiya poses here in this awesome mask.  The unicorn and heart on the door in the background provides some strange contrast.  I love it.

NO “Nightmare Man” (4 Stamp)
Owner: Paul Knot

This is a classic mask that brings us back to the dawn of accurate Myers sculpts in the community.  The shadows and lighting here do this iconic (to us, anyway) mask justice.

Matthew Reed “Starkiller” (Current Day Hero)

I love this mask.  Matt did an amazing job making this thing resemble the H1 Hero as it looks today.  I also like the chunks of neck included as bonus items.


Dela Torre “Buried”
Owner: Lorenzo Manbert

The finish on this copy is beautiful.  The photo reminds me of that familiar, “Oh-man-the-lighting-is-great-in-here-right-now-I-better-take-a-picture” that we all experience.

NO ‘Psycho” (Personal Copy)
Owner: Chad Phillips

What a stand-out copy this is.  There’s just the right amount o’ Castle Stretch here and the editing helps, rather than hurts, I think.

NO “Creep”
Owner: Augusto Infantes?

This mask is quite a beast.  The dueling soft red and blue give this photo almost a subdued Argento vibe.

NAG/Loper “98 Proto”
Owner: Alfredo Justo?

The Shape’s “Killin’ Kit” is on display here.  This copy is all-around beautiful and makes me drool.

That’s it for this month, Shapes & Shapettes.  See you in 30!
-Zac Crook