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Whew!  Sorry about the long delay, folks!  There were some technical issues preventing us from cranking out this installment of Masks of the Month.  The ever-wonderful Derek painstakingly assisted me in troubleshooting the issue and we’re back!

For many of us, the holiday season brought some wicked scores.  Let’s check out a handful!

NAG/Loper Nightmare
Owner: Alex Renteria

A classic sculpt finished beautifully in crisp B/W.  Mmmmm.


NAG/JC 75k (Old Mold)
Owner: Robert Paredes

It doesn’t get much more H2 than this.  What a killer piece.  James’ green corner gives some nice contrast also.


NO/Rowland Kelly Shat

Rowland slays another one with this conversion.  I love the light in this shot.
Ask Rowland about conversions.

Owner: Steven Brubaker

The mask, the bust, the lighting…dang.  I’d be proud to own this bad boy.


H1 Christmas Tree Ornament
Owner: Adam Joseph

Not technically a mask, but awesome, right?  The Shape holding the gift is a nice touch.  St. Nick, indeed.  Get it?  Sorry…

HandiBoy Dead Ringer (Malone Style)
Owner: Jimmy Falco

The infamous “Malone Kirk” is brought to life by the talented Nick Mulpagano.
Contact Nick here to ask about pricing on a mask or conversion

NAG Nightmare
Owner: Chris Wilson

The Nightmare sculpt always screams “hero” to me.  The dim lighting here really makes the finish pop.  It makes me happy.

NAG/Loper Nightmare Unlimited
Owner: Zac Crook

Is it tacky to put my own score in Masks of the Month?  Yes.  Do I care?  A little bit.  Will I still do it?  Absolutely.
I got this monster as part of a trade with Freddy.
If you want to know more about the trade, watch this video

Owner: Hugo D. Félix?

This mask is a classic in the hobby.  This particular copy demonstrates exactly why.  Lovely.

Well, that’s it for now, folks!  I hope you all enjoyed this installment of Masks of the Month.
I’ll see you around the end of February (which is my birth month – so send me a mask for my birthday!)

Take care,

-Zac Crook