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With so many great masks this month, it was tough to choose just a handful for this post. Below you will find the masks I liked best and a short description of why I picked them.

Night Owl Second Stab finished by James Carter
Owner: Benny (Michaelantern)
JC’s latest mask is one of the best H1s, a Second Stab that he revisited upon Benny’s request. With its ghostly paint-up and screen accurate hair, this mask is a dead-on replica of the famous hallway scene look. Huge congratulations to JC and Benny!

NAG Cover Mask finished by James Carter
Owner:  Bill Pastor
This mask looks exactly like what we see on the H4 film cover. The level of detail and polish on this is amazing. Big congrats to JC and Bill!

Brother’s Return V2 by Ben (Killah)
Owner:  Trevor Nelsen
Ben shared some great-looking H2Os this month, here’s one with the neck extension that you can see all the work he put into.  Congrats to Ben and Trevor!

NAG HD Kirk Special Edition
Owner: TeamRocket
TeamRocket shared with us the jaw-dropping detail of his HD Kirk, a mask that brings the famous Kirk look to us with a realistic touch.  Congrats to NAG and TeamRocket for this piece!

TOTS Elrod preview
A new shot of the upcoming Elrod mask, available right here in our store for $54.99.


What were your favorite masks this month?  I look forward to seeing you next time for August’s post!