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Man, it’s been a busy winter for everyone!
We apologize for the delay in getting this edition to you, but hopefully all of these sweet masks make up for it.
I’ll spare the comments this time in favor of simple mask/owner names.

Dela Torre “White Satin”
Owner: Loris Melcore
Nikolas Art Gallery/James Carter “98 Proto”
Owner: Brandon Zachman
Trick or Treat Studios/Mirror Image “H40”
Owner: Matt Lucostic
Nikolas Art Gallery/Mirror Image “75K Castle”
Owner: Ty Rone Shaughnessy
Nikolas Art Gallery /James Carter “The Shape 78”
Owner: Nikos Dresios
Nikolas Art Gallery /Mirror Image “75K (New Mold)”
Owner: Chris Wilson
NightOwl/Rowland Kelly “Shat”

Don Post Studios “Skull (Vinyl)”
Owner: Freddy Loper

That’s it for this season, monsters!
See you again soon!