Michael Myers Mask Hobby: My Arrival and Departure

It was Rob Zombie’s 2007 re-imagining of HalloweeN that rekindled my interest in Michael Myers. It’s also what brought me into this hobby of Michael Myers Masks. I knew that there had to be something better out there than the Don Post The Mask I owned back then.

Upon acquiring a few masks, I realized that this was one expensive hobby. Still, I frequented this community because discussing the movies themselves became more interesting to me than talking about masks replicas. I then fell victim to the hobby’s darkside when a forum member sold me two mask stands. The seller failed to mention to me that both mask stands were broken. He never apologized, much less offered me the chance to return the broken stands for a refund. He simply told me to use lots of glue to make the pieces stick together.

michael myers mask hobby 07

I took that experience as a lesson learned (aside from another important lesson: that folding your arms over your chest supposedly makes you look imposing in photos). But I would never let something like that happen to me again. That one incident soured my passion for collecting Michael Myers masks and other HalloweeN items.

The Michael Myers community changed during the year 2010. Discussions about the movies and characters became few and far between. What also hurt was witnessing too many scammers become involved in this hobby. Many people that I knew were swindled, robbed and defrauded. I then contemplated retiring from the realm of Michael Myers and HalloweeN.

However, a new opportunity presented itself for me. I could still be involved in the HalloweeN world but I didn’t have to be an active collector. The successful Michael-Myers.net blog kept me from retiring. It’s hard to believe that it’s been running for a year and a half already. The Michael Myers blog was a space that was free of hobby politics, scammers, elitists, and broken mask stands.

michael myers mask hobby 02

As with anything that is constantly growing, the blog began to attract unsavory elements. There are people who only ever show up to express hatred in their comments (and, in some cases, to make threats). It’s understandable, though. Hatred is the easiest emotion to express. But there’s also a more troubling group of people. Those who openly flaunt their sense of entitlement by being ungrateful, impolite and unappreciative. It doesn’t take much time to send a PM, leave a quick comment or drop an email to say, “Thanks.”

I envisioned the blog as a space for the community to come and talk about any subject related to the hobby. It worked as such for a while, until the audience became too vast. Facebook Addicts, people who call themselves “Macho,” and Internet Gangstas began rearing their heads here. It is true, but clichéd, to say that the more successful and giving that something is, the more hatred and venom that it will attract.

michael myers mask hobby 03

I thank you for allowing the Michael Myers blog to grow so much. However, the blog has reached a point where I question my involvement in it. My original intent for the blog has been diluted and the blog has been heading in a different direction.

It seems odd to abandon something at the height of its success, but perhaps there is no other option. This has been my only strong link to the Michael Myers mask hobby for some time now. Nonetheless, I can only tolerate so much unwarranted negativity and disregard. When the hobby changed, I stuck with it. When the discussions on the forums changed, I endured. Now that the blog is expanding beyond expectations, I have to reconsider my place and, perhaps, step away.

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  1. Cory Jones says:

    Wow man I'm sorry to hear that!

  2. musiccitytn says:

    That sucks, man. I enjoy reading your postings.

  3. loogs says:

    When I witnessed supposed moderator Chris Zephro initiate and feed bash topics, fueled page after page of hatred & negativity by many members, the blinding hypocrisy was smothering. I have never personally witnessed a moderator, whom we look to as an example of fairness, respect & diplomacy, do this on any other forum. Instead of fight it, and face a bandwagon wrath, I left my casual interest in the forum behind.

    In my opinion, the “General Discussion” forum, which could rationally be renamed, is almost exclusively a bevy of mask masturbating, for quite some time, anyway. For good or bad, for better or worse, that is the state of affairs discussed here. For many, perhaps mask collecting is the only thing interesting or the only topic worth discussing. Perhaps there are just so many new “owners” receiving their masks, or more excitedly their first mask, it is only natural that the queue is filled to the brim with these topics, blanketing regular discussion, as popularity expands.

    On rare occasion, a member will post something intellectually stimulating, a juicy morsel of information or imagery. These topics can seem as rare as an original 1975 Captain Kirk by Don Post, though. We can thank Billy Kirkus for a lot of these 🙂

    I, myself, have discovered something recently that would change what is known as de facto standard here, but would anyone genuinely care if it’s not about the mask? How much hate would I receive for proving something wrong that has been considered “right” for ages? Perhaps I’ll come around & take the chance if someone else doesn’t “rediscover” it first.

    When you’ve had enough, you’ve had enough; a principle applying to many things in life. There are good people here, but nowadays, I keep my distance from the negativity & narrow-mindedness, checking in only once or twice a month.

    Thank you for speaking your mind & your feelings. I salute you for doing the right thing for yourself. There are many other fulfilling opportunities & hobbies in life to bring happiness to you without all which spoils this one.

    I absolutely enjoyed your work, the H6_King chronicles and especially the character bios e.g. John Strode, Tina Williams, Dr. Mixter, etc. A big “Thank you!” to you as those articles were the single largest source of entertainment I received from this site in recent times. So much wit & cleverly thought out literature, in all of your posts. You have a talent for expressing imaginative & original humor. Future installments will be missed but past ones certainly remembered!

  4. psychosi says:

    Wow… sorry to hear this mate, but I can see where you’re coming from, this hobby has been tarnished with negativity over the last couple of years. I too have been scammed recently of $500 by Myshka200 which really sucks.

    Also the new trend of buying low and selling high is crap and not needed in this hobby.

    Sorry to hear you may bow out as I have enjoyed reading your blog and having the opportunity to even have one done on me and my photography, to which I thank you.

  5. knowbody says:

    All it takes to defeat darkness is light. Complete darkness is always trumped by even a single source of light.

    With a readership whose members include valued individuals such as yourselves, how can one turn away? Your genuine and sincere support is heartfelt and moving.

    Thank you, gentlemen.

  6. newyorkripper says:

    I hear what you’re saying my Canadian friend, Mike and respect you. Take care and don’t be a stranger.

  7. theshape1188 says:

    I respect your opinion & Definitely understand where you’re coming from but……. this hobby is what you make of it, and if you’ve let certain incidents in the past and any future negativity that occurs from arrogant, ignorant members(NOT CHRIS)who think they secretly run this place which are many…. (which is hysterical, who actually posses garbage masks or should I say 1 Mask) & people of hypocritical standards make you want to leave the hobby for good…well thats your choice and your choice only. I love MM.net yes it has it’s MAYYYYYJOR faults & bad people behind the scenes but everything in life does and you work through them the best you can. Ignore the bad and enjoy the good the best you can my brother.

    In closing, I saw you as a great member to this community and I think Derek and the “Mods” need to take a good look at this post and realize what this site has become.

  8. loogs says:

    theshape1188 2/6/13 to knowbody, “I respect your opinion… Ignore the bad and enjoy the good the best you can my brother… I saw you as a great member to this community”

    theshape1188 2/7/13 to knowbody, “…what is this crap? who is in charge of the front page articles? this crap…is so ridiculous”

    theshape1188 2/6/13 to knowbody, “…people of hypocritical standards make you want to leave the hobby for good”

  9. johnny6666 says:

    Very sad to see the end of your writings, knowbody. They were frank and open in a way that has become somewhat rare on the boards, for whatever reason.

    There are some terrific mods and members here who do their best to keep the hobby honest and open, and it’s a terrible shame when we lose the best people. Best wishes to you and thanks for all your work. 🙂

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