Michael Myers Mask: The JD / O.S.K

The H1 Michael Myers mask scene has been in somewhat of a creative slump lately. In a time when many Michael Myers mask replicas are retools of previous masks, it’s refreshing to witness the unveiling of an all new, original Michael Myers mask. Our fellow member MadMyers1975 has just finished the prototype for his JD / O.S.K (Old School Kirk) Myers.

michael myers mask madmyers1975 10

michael myers mask madmyers1975 05

Believe it or not, this is the first attempt by MadMyers1975 (JD) at designing, molding, pouring and painting a HalloweeN 1978 style Michael Myers mask. It’s very difficult to capture the likeness of Michael Myers because his mask is expressionless and it relies on subtle details. So, this effort by JD is admirable and it is work to be proud of. The vast majority of us HalloweeN fans can only dream of rendering Myers so effectively in three dimensions.

michael myers mask madmyers1975 03

michael myers mask madmyers1975 04

If the JD / O.S.K. Myers is the beginning, then only greater things will follow. You definitely want to keep an eye on MadMyers1975‘s future projects. He’s  expecting to commence work on a Kirk Proto as well (!). Also, visit JD at The Blood Shed.

michael myers mask madmyers1975 06

michael myers mask madmyers1975 07

michael myers mask madmyers1975 11

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  1. slash69 says:

    JD is a cool cat. I met him in TN. Nice mask JD and I am still scaring kids with the Freak mask you made.

  2. psychosi says:

    JD defo has talent and that for a first Kirk scult from the ground up is great.

  3. madmyers1975 says:

    Thanks fellas, and thank everyone for the Likes. It really means the world t me. A couple of nice words goes a long way.


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