Dec 2013 Part 2: Michael Myers Masks

Returning for the second time this month is Featured Michael Myers Masks with more great contributions from the forum members. As we await the release of the Official Halloween The Curse of Michael Myers, Halloween H20, and Halloween Resurrection masks by Trick or Treat Studios in 2014, you can pick up their accurate Halloween II mask for an unbeatable price if you haven’t already done so. The Halloween II mask comes in other editions as well so check them out here. Everyone here at Michael-Myers.net wishes you all the best this season and always… thank you for your support, for the awesome photos and for the great times.

Tony Bones custom Buried Nightmare Sequence (pics by Dela Torre):
michael myers mask dec2 01

michael myers mask dec2 02

Frightmareprod offers these Limited Edition Halloween III Season of the Witch mask stands and cases:

michael myers mask dec2 03

michael myers mask dec2 04

Michaelantern original run CGP Fear mask:

michael myers mask dec2 13

JohnB_92 Rob Zombie’s Halloween style:

michael myers mask dec2 06

michael myers mask dec2 05

onedgepits Halloween 1978 style V75 with glass eye inserts:

michael myers mask dec2 07

DrenTheLiar Halloween 5 The Revenge of Michael Myers mask:

michael myers mask dec2 08

Loomisproof78 Nightowl Shat H1 conversion:

michael myers mask dec2 09

michael myers mask dec2 10

deadguy1979 Halloween 1978:

michael myers mask dec2 12

RZhalloweenfan22 NAG Scarred:

michael myers mask dec2 11

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  1. onedgepits says:

    Thanks for featuring my V75!

  2. valduskandinsky says:

    thanks bro

  3. i like halloween 1 and 2 the most

  4. James Winters says:

    cool wall michael

  5. James Winters says:

    cool wall michael

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