Michael Myers Masks: June 2013

Featured Michael Myers Masks returns in the month of June in response to some members saying that some great Halloween masks were overlooked during the past several weeks. The previous Michael Myers Masks post had a theme to it, so some other masks had to be left out. For those that like the summer season, well it’s here, no more freezing temperatures just sweaty people and sticky situations.

crazydog500 with a life-sized Michael Myers from Rob Zombie’s Halloween II:

michael myers mask may2 01

weana0815 with a Halloween H20 display:

michael myers mask may2 14

Caleb Croft with a Michael Myers NAG/JC MMK Hybrid:

michael myers mask may2 02

michael myers mask may2 05

Ashley J Williams with a Dream Sequence from Rob Zombie’s Halloween II:

michael myers mask may2 06

michael myers mask may2 03

richardmalone with a Halloween 1978 display:

michael myers mask may2 04

Leatherface7486 with Michael Myers mask and coveralls:

michael myers mask may2 07

infernoman with a Vintage 75:

michael myers mask may2 08

SickOClowN with Halloween II MCS H2SM:

michael myers mask may2 09

jarrett62960 with a Michael Myers Maniac:

michael myers mask may2 10

Enter Sandman Halloween II Warlock:

michael myers mask may2 17

Jbw with Michael Myers NAG / JC 75K:

michael myers mask may2 11

michael myers mask may2 12

freddy voorheese with a Destroyer:

michael myers mask may2 13

coldsnakevenom NAG / JC 75K

michael myers mask may2 15

michael myers mask may2 16

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  1. Hello fellow horror fans ! I'm rtaylor197 4 I'm a new member to this awsome website I am and probably always will be a fan of the Halloween movies. I've seen everyone of them that's been made and my favorite will always be parts 1 and 2 . And through the years there has been alot of different masks made . And my favorite masks are from parts 1 and 2 . I remember seeing both movies when I was a kid and and both movies and masks scared the hell out of me !!! After that I became a huge fan of the Halloween movies made throughout the years. I would like to see these movies remade (the correct way) not taking anything away from zombies versions but they could've been done a little better . And start from the original story line twist things up a bit and go from there. Because this movie has went through alot of twist and turns it gets to confusing to try and piece together so in most cases as with other great horror films you lose your fans then the movie is looked at as another failed attempt.

  2. michale myers is the greatest killer ever.

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