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August has been a great month for masks.

Halloween Michael Myers Mask

Our Halloween II Elrod mask ($54.99) – You can buy one in our store!

Owner: Derek/


“The Mask” NAG/JC…The level of realism on this mask is simply unreal.

Owner:  DeathClutch


Mulpagano/Loper H78…these two blew us away with a new sculpt and killer finishing work.

Owner:  Jim (TheShape1188)


DP 99 Shat/JC…even JC’s wife loved this KH/DW-style mask that nails this H2 look.

Owner:  DeathClutch

75K Supreme

NAG 75k supreme by JC…a full conversion from Kirk to Myers, resulting in one of the best H2s.

Owner:  Jon L.


Mulpagano Malone…the eerie “alternate” mask to the original hero (before changes were made to the hair and eyebrows) brought to vivid life.

Owner:  Jim (TheShape1188)

Michael Myers Mask

NAG “The Mask” finished by James Carter
Owner: Frankie

Thanks for reading…see you in a month!