Michael Myers Masks: Original Halloween & Halloween II

If it weren’t for Michael-Myers.net I would have never known that the Michael Myers mask used in Halloween II (1981) was the same one used in Halloween (1978), I thought that they were two different masks. Man what a difference that Dick Warlock’s flat, wide head made on the same mask previously worn by Nick Castle’s long face and jewfro (not to mention the mask was stuffed in a box under a bed for a few years).
Also, don’t forget to pick up the Official Halloween II Michael Myers Mask and Props (just click on the link).

DarthVeach Halloween 1978 Michael Myers mask and costume:

michael myers mask h1h2og 001

Myers1978 Halloween II style Nightowl Shat:

michael myers mask h1h2og 002

biscuitweesel Halloween 1978 style Myers mask:

michael myers mask h1h2og 003

The Curse H2 Myers mask:

michael myers mask h1h2og 004

JBW Michael Myers mask from Halloween 1978:

michael myers mask h1h2og 005

AR-Ballistic NAG/JC Mint 75 Blood Tears:

michael myers mask h1h2og 012

DoubleCrossXX Halloween II soundtrack autographed by Dick Warlock, Lance Guest and Pamela Susan Shoop:

michael myers mask h1h2og 006

derekcook1781 Halloween 1978 items:

michael myers mask h1h2og 007

knightnite05 Halloween II display:

michael myers mask h1h2og 008

TheKiller78 shared some recent shots of the filming locations used in Halloween (1978) and Halloween II (1981):

michael myers mask h1h2og 009

michael myers mask h1h2og 011

michael myers mask h1h2og 010

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  1. Matt Preston says:

    unbelievable pics! im really starting to lean towards the h2's lately. never thought id say that considering all my mask are pretty much h1's

  2. Awesome photos, especially of the filming locations.

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