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The Michael Myers masks used in HalloweeN (1978) and HalloweeN II (1981) are what drew many of us to this hobby. While the HalloweeN sequel masks get their share of love, none of those masks has quite the following that the HalloweeN 6 mask has.

As a film, HalloweeN: The Curse of Michael Myers has a certain mystique to it. The reshoots; the behind the scenes drama; the final portrayal of Dr. Loomis by Donald Pleasence; the deleted footage; and the presentation of the Cult of Thorn all lend a peculiar tone to the movie.

Then there is the Halloween 6 Michael Myers mask. As if drawing its appeal from the controversy and enigmatic quality of the film itself, the mask is a favorite among many enthusiasts. Off the top, this writer can easily name 15 collectors who are seriously interested in both the H6 mask and the storyline. One such collector is Chris Morgan.

Chris Morgan and his White Mask Productions (WMP) have been producing quality replicas since late 2009. Chris’ finishing work is also in high-demand. This year, Chris brought forth his original H6 replica, the Mayhem 6. The photos included in this article are of the Mayhem 6 and were provided by Chris. The mask’s creation process, from beginning to end, is documented here.

Mayhem 6

The Mayhem 6 is a mask that has been given the royal treatment. It comes in two sizes (medium and large) and has been issued as both a Limited Edition and a Standard Version. The Limited Edition Mayhem 6, of which just 2 copies remain for sale, includes: Mayhem 6 mask; HalloweeN 6 screenwriter Daniel Farrands signature stamp on the mask; a custom made Mayhem mask stand; an accompanying framed Certificate of Authenticity; and a keychain bearing the symbol of Thorn.

Of course, WMP also offers this replica without the special features of the Limited Edition outlined above. As an H6 fan myself, I’m sure that the Mayhem 6 is bound to satisfy and please the ardent and scrutinizing collectors of all things HalloweeN 6.