Nightmare Man 78 pics (Nightowl Productions) The Nightmare Man 78 is really the mask that kicked Myers mask collecting into high gear. This mask was made by Justin Mabry at Nightowl Productions and was based off a press of an original 1975 Don Post Kirk mask owned by Myers Net member Billy Kurkus. The original run, which was very limited, is known as the four stamp NMM78 because the mask has four distinct stamps, the first says Nightowl Productions, the second says Justin Mabry, the third says Billy Kurkus and the forth says Nightmare Man 78. There is also an engravement on the right back flap of the mask that says Justin Mabry. There is also a two stamp and one stamp Nightmare 78, although, these masks fetch prices on the lower end of the price range, they are still very rare. CGP also came out with a Nightmare Man 78 which was a recast of the original. Be warned, the CGP edition is very large, 25"+. * This mask is no longer in production, but may be found in the classifieds or on eBay. NIGHTOWL EDITION MASK VALUED AT: $500 - $800 CGP EDITION MASK VALUED AT: $300 - $400