Psycho pics (Nightowl) The Psycho by Nightowl Productions is hands down the most popular H1 mask ever produced. The Psycho is a re-tool of the Nightmare Man 78. Multiple versions of the Psycho exist and the versions are identified by the years they were produced. In addition, a number of hair types were used throughout the runs, which include Camel and Mohair. The 2005 version, which is the orgin year, typically fetches the highest prices of the run. There is also an 81 version which is an H2 mask, as well as a Psycho 78 which is an H1 with a different finish. A longer version, with narrower eye cuts, mohair and a very detailed finish was also produced, known as the Psycho SE. Nightowl recently released the Psycho Returns Deluxe Edition, which is available through Nightowl: and the cost is $275 plus shipping. * All of the Psychos, with the exception of the Returns are no longer in production. 2005 PSYCHO VALUED AT: $500 - $750 2006 to 2007 PSYCHOS VALUED AT: $300 - $350 PSYCHO 81 VALUED AT: $350 - $450 PSYCHO 78 VALUED AT: $600 - $750 PSYCHO SE VALUED AT: $750 - $1,000