Second Stab pics (Lee Romaire) Second Stab is an H1 replica mask made by the now famous FX Artist Lee Romaire. Second Stab got its name because it was literally Lee’s second attempt at a Myers mask. Lee’s first attempt was called Whitey. The mask was sculpted referencing the screen when Michael stands at the top of the stairs after falls down them. He also referenced the picture of Michael looking over the rail while holding the knife. There were 52 masks made, including two protos, and they are numbered on the inside flap and signed by Lee. Second Stab has become a very popular mask among Myers collectors and very few change hands, making them quite rare. Additionally, Lee used a doll-based hair on these masks, so a number of them have been re-haired, making original condition masks even more rare. * This mask is no longer in production. MASK VALUED AT: $400 - $1000