KH H2 pics (Ken Hertlein) The Ken Hertlein SLE is a retool of Ken’s extremely popular KH/DW, which was a collaborative piece between artist Ken Hertlein and H2 actor Dick Warlock. Ken sculpted the original KH/DW referencing Dick Warlock's H2 "Hero" mask. For the KH SLE, Ken retooled most of the elements of the KH/DW in a quest to create the ultimate H2 mask. The changes included altering the eye brows, reducing the size of the chin, adjusting the size of the nose, matching the hair color to a lock of hair he obtained from the “Hero” mask, matching the paint scheme to the “Hero” mask, modifying the ears and reducing the overall size of the mask to replicate the size of the 75 Kirk. In addition, Ken added a logo of Haddenfield, IL state seal to the back of the mask and a carved pumpkin on the inside of the mask at the base of the head. This is a very sought after piece and is considered by most to be the best H2 mask ever made. * This mask is no longer in production. MASK VALUED AT: $1,500-$3,000