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As a fan of Michael Myers’ look in Halloween 6, I was extremely pleased this year by the release of a new replica H6 mask – RagingZombie Studios’ Disciple. As of late, the HalloweeN 6 market seemed to be stuck in a state of stagnation. Some H6 masks come with lofty claims as to their provenance, while others are derivations of styles that have been around for years.

However, RagingZombie (also known as RZFX) is now producing the Disciple from an original sculpt. The result is a refreshing and impressive take on the H6 mask. The Disciple has broken through the stagnation.


Although the Disciple is offered at an affordable price, RZFX did not skimp out on using high-grade production materials. The Disciple features a full head of premium hair (unlike some H6 masks that tend to sport cheap, thin and unstylable head coverings). The latex is also great quality and durable. It’s a large mask and should fit heads like mine (24.5”), but the back slit is short. If you have a massive, Jason Goes To Hell head like I do, you’ll have to extend the back-slit to wear it.

The facial features are sharp and intense. The sunken eyes, short nose, large ears and neutral brow area that are characteristic of the H6 mask are given new life with the Disciple. The mask’s menacing yet empty expression stands out on its own without excessive weathering or paint tricks. The Disciple’s paint-job is superb and to-the-point: it’s a shadowy white and grey.


Those collectors who are overly concerned with screen-accuracy may find lots to complain about – as with any other mask. But the Disciple evokes everything that is deathly, eerie and aggressive about the H6 mask. As a big fan of H6 Michael Myers, I’m happy to have the RZFX Disciple next to the other HalloweeN 6 masks that have made their way into my home over the years.

For more information, check out the RZFX website (and also have a look at the rest of their impressive catalog) or contact RZ Studios through the forum.

Each photo presented here was taken under different lighting, with no flash, using a half-decent camera.