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Fans of Michael Myers masks are eagerly awaiting the release of an all-new replica based on the mask used in HalloweeN 4: The Return of Michael Myers. Site member Crofader is hard at work on this project and has provided photos of the first blank out of the mold. These new masks will be finished by esteemed mask expert Scott of QOTS.

Recall that Crofader owns a screen used Michael Myers mask from HalloweeN 4. This new replica is based off of Crofader’s screen used mask and it improves upon a previously released rendition. The new H4 mask promises to be the best HalloweeN 4 replica to date. The mask will come in two sizes: 24 inch and 25 inch (pictured here). The finished prototype will be revealed soon and pre-orders are currently being accepted.

crofader new h4 michael myers mask 01

crofader new h4 michael myers mask 02

crofader new h4 michael myers mask 03