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In truth, I have been removed from the H1 Michael Myers Mask scene for some time. I haven’t been wowed by too many photos of HalloweeN 1978 replicas in what seems like ages. The H1 game may have reached its peak. This is not an entirely bad thing. It speaks to the talents of the mask makers in our community – they seem to have nailed the H1 look(s).

Psycho Si Wmp/Ahg Nightstalker

However, I can’t help but notice the strides that are always being made by the fans of the Rob Zombie Halloween films. Every new mask and costume seems to top the previous one. So, by comparison, the HalloweeN 1978 scene appears to be at a standstill.

This perceived stagnation is due in large part to the lack of amazing photos of H1 masks. It’s as if most pics are of the same H1 mask over and over with obligatory indoor shots, outdoor shots, worn shots, unworn shots, daylight shots, evening shots, shots with flash on, and shots with flash off. It’s a monotonous task to try to tell most H1 masks apart from one another these days.

Psycho Si 99 Shatner Michael Myers Mask

Presented here is part of member Psycho Si‘s  H1 Michael Myers Mask collection (plus a Ben Tramer mask). These recent shots have astounded many of us. Psycho Si’s photos have upped the ante and have revitalized the H1 scene.

Psycho Si Ben Tramer H78 “Dental Records”

The photos by psycho si exemplify innovation, creativity and style. His photography reveals true passion and zeal for the Michael Myers of 1978.  Big thanks to psycho si for sharing these remarkable pics of some of his masks with us. They have rekindled my enthusiasm for H1 replicas.

Psycho Si Nightowl Creep

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