November Michael Myers Masks

Michael Myers Masks to help you overcome the post Halloween blues, these wonderful shots come courtesy of our members here at Michael-Myers.net, where it’s Halloween and the home of Michael Myers all year round. The Michael Myers Mask Store is still stocked with Halloween Resurrection and Halloween II masks, Halloween H20 mask has become and Halloween 6 Curse of Michael Myers mask.

AARON_DETH Halloween H20 Michael Myers Mask:

michael myers mask nov2014 01

mrmyers2013 Michael Myers Mask:

michael myers mask nov2014 04a

TruMetal RzH2 Dream Sequence mask:

michael myers mask nov2014 07

michael myers mask nov2014 08

closetmonster_90 99 Shat:

michael myers mask nov2014 02

michael myers mask nov2014 03

robjohn2764 NAG 75K JC H2 old mold:

michael myers mask nov2014 05a

michael myers mask nov2014 06a

twopinacoladas Trick or Treat Michael Myers Halloween H20 mask:

michael myers mask nov2014 09

michael myers mask nov2014 13

AllHallowsNight Psycho mask:

michael myers mask nov2014 10

Nuyts JC MMK Promo mask:

michael myers mask nov2014 11

HalloweenFan1988 Michael Myers mask:

michael myers mask nov2014 12a

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  1. Aaron Duncan says:

    Very honored. That shot was hard to get haha!

  2. knowbody says:

    That’s one of the better Halloween: H20 costume shots I’ve seen in years

  3. closetmonster90 says:

    Being new, I am excited for my shots to be on here this month. Thank you to everyone for this awesome community!

  4. Billy says:

    This new pop up ad is, guys. Seriously take it off please.

  5. I was surprised to see my picture on here but its pretty cool.

    I kind of wish I would have taken a better picture but I really like the Trick or Treat Studios H20 mask just have to break up the wool fibers into strands a bit and it looks fantastic 🙂

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